Recognition of Service

PSA Region Director Leader

The Region Director "Leader" recognition was instituted in 2010. This recognition of service to PSA is awarded at the end of each year to all Region Directors whose region membership percent increase is as much as, or more than, the total PSA membership percent increase. The Region Director needs to have served for at least three months.

The phrase "2010 Leader," ("year, Leader) may be placed on the Region webpage. The Region Director can use this recognition phrase in his or her Region email signature and in PSA Honors and Awards applications.

Previous Recipients

Richard Whitley, APSA, PPSA
Nancy Jacobek, APSA
Pat Gordy
Victor Pizzolato
Chris Brocious
Kelly Walkotten
Greg Britt
Jozef Aerts, FPSA, EPSA
Rafal Kowalkowski
Wang Ying
Li Wang
Joseph KS Tan, APSA, PPSA
Hoang Trung Thuy
Agatha Bunanta, PPSA
Ayman Lotfy
David Price
Olaf du Randt
Luis Franke, PPSA