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Youth Photography Showcase

Youth Photography Showcase Digital Entry
Entry closing date: April 30, 2014
Step 1: Enter the student's information.
As a minimum, it is EXTREMELY necessary to enter ALL the required information relating to the student. This is vital so that the winners can be easily notified by both mail and personal e-mail asking for necessary items for the PSA JOURNAL article and the correct place to send the award monies. Please check all information for accuracy and completeness.

Student Given (First) Name: Required (30 Characters Maximum)
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Step 2a: Select your organization information (if it has been pre-registered).
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Step 2b: Enter the sponsor's information.
(Not required if Step 2a is completed.)
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Step 3: Type in digital image information
For the sake of ease and convenience, it best to have a copy of all images stored in a single folder.

Prior to submitting each image, please ensure that:

  1) The image horizontal dimension (width) does not exceed 1024 pixels.

  2) The image vertical dimension (height/tall) does not exceed 768 pixels, even if it has a portrait orientation.

  3) The image file is in "jpg" format.

For best digital projection, images should be saved in the "sRGB" color space.

Notice: The following characters will be automatically removed from the image title as they may cause the server software to process them incorrectly:  .  ,  !  (  )  '  "   $  \  /  ?  _

Warning: A fatal error will occur if an equal sign (=) is included in the file name.

If one or both of the image dimensions are larger than the allowable or the file is not in "jpg" format, it will not be accepted.

The five categories are shown below.

  ARCH - Architecture

  PORA - People And/Or Animals

  SCAP - Scapes

  PJOU - Photojournalism

  CHOI - Choice or Creative

Category Image Title
(35 Characters Maximum)
Click on: "Browse" or "Choose file"
Do not type in the blank field.

Step 4: Submit the digital entry

You will receive a message at the Student and Sponsor Email addresses shown above. Please be patient as your entry may take a while to process. Also, not all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have the same response time. If you have not received a message within 1 hour, please contact the Webmaster (