Notes For PSA Photojournalism Division Recognition Process

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Please be sure you have read and understood the latest version of the Exhibition Standards. Requirements periodically change and exhibitions that met the old rules do not necessarily meet the new rules.
Date of Application to Closing Date
  Exhibition's closing date must be 6 months or more from today.
Conditions of Entry
  A draft of your Conditions of Entry must be received before your exhibition may receive PSA Recognition. It must include the PSA Photojournalism Definition and, if applicable, the PSA Human Interest Definition.
  NOTE WELL: If your Conditions of Entry have been approved in past Exhibitions, do not assume it is correct for the current Exhibition. Be sure to read and pay attention to the current Conditions of Entry Checklist document. Requirements change and not conforming to the current requirements can delay recognition of your Exhibition.
  The Conditons of Entry must clearly state that entries in all sections recognized by the PSA Photojournalism Division must meet the current PSA Photojournalism Definition. If your exhibition is also requesting patronage from other organizations, such as FIAP, your Conditions of Entry may require entries meet the more stringent of the published definitions and must include all definitions.
  The Conditions of Entry must clearly state both the maximum horizontal pixel size and the maximum vertical pixel size of any digital images submitted as entries.
    i.    Exhibitions must judge the image at 100% of the image size as received from
          the entrant.
    ii.   Images must not be altered, including resizing in either direction, by the
          exhibition or by the exhibition's equipment before or during judging.
  The draft may be a conventional "word processing document", a PDF document, or a HTML web page. Paper copies of the draft are not required.
Exhibition Name
  Exhibition names are subject to the approval of the Exhibition Standards Directors to be sure the name is not already being used by another exhibition or can be confused with the name of another exhibition.
Section Names
  Sections to be recognized by PSA Photojournalism may not have names like "Nature" or "Photo Travel" or any other name that an entrant could confuse with sections offered by other Divisions. Like Exhibition names, section names are subject to approval by the Exhibition Standards Director.
Closing Date
  If you will be judging on Saturday the 15th then you may wish to close on Monday the 3rd. This way the exhibitor gets the final weekend and the exhibition gets nearly two weeks to process the images, resolve problems, etc.
Report Card Mailing Date
  Schedule your report card mailing date 14 days after the last day of judging. You can mail report cards earlier but this gives you maximum flexibility to comply with the schedule.
  Every PSA recognized exhibition is required to submit an Exhibition Data Acceptance Spreadsheet (EDAS) for each section and judging recognized by PSA. This has been a requirement since 2010. The EDAS is in the form of an EXCEL spreadsheet using the template you need to download from the PSA Exhibitions web site. Instructions for filling out the spreadsheet will be emailed to you as part of the acknowledgement of this application. They are required to be submitted no later than 45 days after completion of your judging.
Catalog Mailing Date
  Use the full 77 days (11 weeks) in the application to do the final mailing of slides, awards and catalogs. You can do the mailing at any time you wish but this gives you maximum flexibility to comply with the schedule requirements.
  The application on following page must be completed and submitted. Go over the application carefully because there are numerous edits to catch any omission of critical data.
  PLEASE NOTE: This application is only for Photojournalism Division recognition of sections meeting the PSA Photojournalism Definition (or more restrictive definition). If your exhibition intends to offer sections recognized by other Divisions of PSA, you must apply to the Exhibition Standards Directors of those Divisions separately.
Payment of fees
  Payment for Recognition Fee and PSA Medals/Ribbons must be received before PSA Recognition can be granted. If using PayPal, the Director will notify you when to submit your payment.
  PLEASE NOTE: Individual judgings in an exhibition recognized as a Circuit will not be considered independant autonomous exhibitions for Star Ratings and Who's Who purposes.
  The interval between individual judgings in a Circuit may not exceed 21 Days.
Thank You For Your Assistance
  These requirements are mandated by PSA's Exhibition Standards document.
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