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Signe Eemmerich, APSA
Waiting for Sunrise
Joseph Kubala
The Shed in Winter
Jane Hirst

The Getaway
Phil Waitkus
Radiant in Red
Mary Ann Roesler
My Kinda Town
Mike Matusinec

Mammoth Sunrise
Kathy Braun, FPSA, PPSA
Becky Mckenzie
Hot House Anoli
John Hasse

Great Egret Preening
Ken Warning
Grand Prismatic After Sunset
Gerald Emmerich, Jr., FPSA, GMPSA
Dreaming in Yellow
Audrey Waitkus

Blue Suede Shoes
Kathy Brand
Black-necked Stilt
Donald Frisque, APSA, EPSA
Amicalola Falls
Dennis Newton