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Christoffel Pieter Treffers, EPSA


Chris Treffers joined PSA in 2006. He is an avid Exhibitor, has earned PSA Star Ratings in several divisions, and contributed to CPID TOPS in 2010 and 2011. He visits photography clubs in The Netherlands to share his work with the club members. He has been invited to be a member of the jury for several Exhibitions. Chris received his PPSA and an EFIAP in 2011. He received his EPSA in 2013.

Chris is an inspired photographer of people, mostly women. He gives a special value to pictures by adding an emotional message. His pictures tell more than a traditional recording can do, without loosing the link to reality.

“The normal reality in photography is too skinny, too dry. The camera gives you an insufficient image of the reality. I always see more than the camera is able to record.”  “I am making images and I alter them, if needed, to reflect the world I see and experience.” 

Deepest Fear
Bald-headed Woman
Devote to the Bad Man
Almost Undressed

All images © Chris Treffers