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Tom Pickering

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  • Title: Cardinal Kiss
  • Goal: Chance encounter with cardinals in my backyard
  • Source:  Nikon D3000, Nikkor 18-200mm, F5.6, 1/800, ISO 1400, Monopod, Natural Light
  • Technique:  Camera was relatively handy when a family of cardinals found we had seed. Grabbed camera and started shooting. This image of adult feeding juvenile reminded me of a kiss.
  • Processing: Lightroom 5.1 to lens correct, adjust tonality & crop, then NIK Define to reduce noise.

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Review by JonA., 4-17-2014
I can understand why you took this image of the adult feeding the chick. However it appears that the noise reduction you have used has blurred out the feather detail in the birds.
N=2, T=1, P=1, E=0, Total=4

I’m a nearly-60-something, born-again, computer geek, photographer, musician and one-time sword fight choreographer. I own a business, Picks Pix & Web, that incorporates our photography business, PhotoPicks Photography & Art. I live & work with my wife, Carolyn, and our two kitties, Wheezy & Casmir (though the work ethic of the kitties is questionable at best). Our children are grown and raising families of their own, which of course means grandkids (7 so far) for us to love and spoil. 

I’ve been capturing images, still & movie/video, for over 45 years now. I entered a dark room for the first time at age 13 and have been fascinated with the art of photography ever since. My first cameras were Kodak’s – a Brownie and an 8mm movie camera. At the dawn of the digital photography age, I switched to digital and never looked back at film.

I was one of the founding members of the Tri-County Camera Club in Kewanee Illinois, until getting married in March of 2011 and moving to Davenport Iowa. We recently joined the Quad Cities Photography Club and via one of the members there, found ourselves in PSA.

I’m strictly a Nikon shooter, now using a D5000 and a D50 for all my captures (with dreams of a D7000 or D800 ). I photograph people, places & things – I guess that means everything – with a special interest in nature, architecture, candid portraits & the odd. I also enjoy creating 360° Virtual Tours. I mainly process my images in Lightroom 4.4, though also I use Elements 11, CS5, PSPX2, and a variety of plug-ins and specialty software from the likes of Nik, Topaz & Alien Skin, to accomplish what floats into my head when I sit down at my computer. d:¬{D 

You can see some of my images at the following: Flickr, 500px, and Focussion.