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Nan Carder

As Vice President of Chapters, Clubs & Councils for PSA, I want to welcome and thank you for visiting PSA's Website. 

Photo Organizations (Clubs, Councils or Federations) are very active and important members of PSA, and receive their own set of benefits. Each has a designated PSA representative, who is given a password to access the PSA Photo Organization-Representative area.

      • If your Photo Organization would like to become a member of PSA and/or you want to hear about the benefits of PSA membership, select Should Your Organization Join PSA?

      • If you'd like to see a list of PSA-member clubs, councils and federations in your area, select PSA Organizations. Links to websites and PSA representatives are available for most organizataions.

      • If you would like your club to participate in an interclub competition, select Competitions. Please note, a Photo Organization must be a member of PSA in order to participate in interclub competitions.

      • If you are interested in updating your organization's information, find out about the responsibilities of a PSA Photo Organization representative, or other general information regarding PSA Photo Organizations, select PSA Organization Services.

      • If you are the PSA Representative for your organization and would like to access the password-protected services of this area, including information about the Club Judging Service, the PSA Program Library, printable membership cards, and special discounts, select Representative Services.

If there's something you'd like to know about that we haven't covered here, please feel free to contact me.

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Should Your Organization Join PSA?
  • Benefits, Discounts, Rates, Membership Application
PSA Organizations
  • A list of all PSA Clubs, Councils and Federations, with links to websites and PSA organization representatives, grouped by location.
  • Many photo organizations enjoy competing in the numerous division interclub competitions as well as the club newsletter and club website contests. Find information about the competitions here.
  • Interclub Comparison Chart
  • Interclub Deadlines
PSA Organization Services
  • Council's Calendar
  • Update Information
  • Club Representative Responsibilities
  • Club Representative of the Year
  • The Projector
PSA Individual Membership
  • There are many more benefits given to individual Members of PSA, who often start out as belonging to a PSA-member Club. Check out how much more you would receive if you were an individual member as well as the member of a PSA-member Club/Council. 
Representative Services
  • Password protected area for PSA Club, Council and Federation Representatives
  • Access to services designed for PSA-Member Photo Organizations only
  • Requires Login before it can be accessed