Support PSA

Support PSA: Donations to PSA

Many members, and their family and friends, wish to help PSA fulfill its mission by donating to the Society. All donations are greatly appreciated. It is preferred that donations be made to: the General Operating Account, the Education & Scholarship Fund (Greenhood Scholarship), the PSA Endowment Fund I, or the PSA Endowment Fund II.

General Operating Account: Donations made to the General Operating Account are used to fund the various operations of PSA. Contributions have been used to support the PSA Journal, purchase equipment for headquarters, maintain the permanent print collection, and provide support for youth programs.

Education & Scholarship Fund (Greenhood Scholarship Fund): The PSA Greenhood scholarships are awarded to second-year students majoring in photography at a school that offers a degree in photography. Each year PSA's Scholarship and Grants Committee decides the number of scholarships and the award amounts, determines the application parameters, evaluates the applications and the accompanying portfolios of the finalists, and selects the scholarship recipients.

PSA Endowment Fund I: Donations to the PSA Endowment Fund are used to provide for the needs of the Society in day to day operations as well as to provide funding for special projects. The principal may be made available in times of special need.

PSA Endowment Fund II: This fund is similar to the PSA Endowment Fund I, but the principal is not available for distribution. The interest and dividends generated by this fund are used to support the diverse activities of the Society.

As a non-profit 501-C (3) organization, donations (gifts) to PSA may be deductible under US tax regulations. US tax payers should consult their tax advisor for details.