Southern California Roundup

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SoCal Roundup Chapter Gallery - 2015

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Along the Canal
Stuart Lynn, APSA
 Dry Dock
Allan Duff
1929 Ford Coupe
James D. Smith, PPSA
California Poppy
Sue Craft
NYC Skyline with Pilings
Jeanne Scott
Soul of India
Donna Judd
Passau Courtyard and Alley
Thomas Rappath
Lake Alexandria Sunset
Witta Priester
Wee Willy
Hutch Hutchison
Night Scapes
Vickie Thomas
Magnolia Blossom
Nancy Speaker
Flowering Cactus
John Beischke
Kathy Newman
Strutting Tom Turkeys
Brent Paull
On the Lakebed
Darren Cole