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Rachel Henschen

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Posted by DanC., 4-27-2014
Welcome to the Group Rachel. I look forward to seeing your images.

My name is Rachel Henschen. I am 18 years old, and just graduated from high school this spring. I live in Lebanon Ohio in the United States with my Dad, Mom, sister, two brothers, and my wonderful dog. I love hiking, riding horses, playing volleyball, learning new thing, making new friends, and of course taking pictures.

I own a D70s Nikon camera and lots of lens and camera equipment. I have loved taking pictures ever since I was a little girl. I have had a little experience with photography. I have taken a few photography classes growing up and this coming fall I will be going to Sinclair Community College to further my eduction in photography and take classes in Visual Arts. My favorite photography subject is nature shots. I was blessed with the opportunity to be home schooled. I have also been so blessed to have been able to travel the United States with my family. I have been to many place like Alaska, Yellowstone National Park, Tennessee, Florida, etc. I hope one day to start my own business in photography and travel the world to see places I have only read about. One place in particular I would love to go is Israel.