PSA Member Obituaries in the PSA Journal

Obituaries, for members of PSA, published in the PSA Journal are very different from obituaries commonly found in regional or city newspapers. The Journal obituaries deal with members and their activities in PSA and related photographic organizations and areas. The first paragraph normally includes all Society related activities, Honors, and Distinctions. The following paragraphs may include important photographic achievements internationally and locally. Other honors and distinctions from non PSA-related organizations may be cited. Rarely are employment or personal non-photographic achievements reported.

It is normal for members who have been elected to Honors or achieved Distinctions to receive a more extensive obituary, which includes a picture if one is available.

The Editor of the Journal neither writes nor researches obituaries, but usually edits them for length and for non-photo society information. The Managing Editor may occasionally research the dates that Honors and Distinctions are received.

The PSA Journal realizes the importance of notices of passing and obituaries and will do everything possible to facilitate their publication.