Writing for the Journal

PSA Journal Checklist for Authors

Submitting manuscripts for potential use in the PSA Journal:

  • Articles should be approximately 600-1200 words long.
  • All articles must be checked for accurate spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
  • All facts, names, PSA honors & distinctions, places, and dates must be checked for accuracy.
  • All quotations and references must be checked for accuracy.
  • Articles should not be written in the first person: "I left for Mesa Arch at 4AM and arrived in time…"
  • Travelogues are not accepted for the PSA Journal, including any day-by-day agendas.
  • Information should be included about a photographic experience: the equipment used, the best time of day to take a photo; the best time of year to travel to that location, etc.
  • Submit an up-to-date, color portrait (head and shoulders, no props).
  • Authors need to supply high-resolution TIFF files of the images being submitted with the article. Only high resolution, properly focused photographs that relate directly to the content of the manuscript, will be considered for publication.
  • A list of captions for all images needs to be supplied.
  • Do not include the image titles in the text of the article.
  • Sign a PSA Journal Author's Agreement and send it with the article.
  • Upload the manuscript, images (including author's head shot), and signed Author's Agreement via the PSA web site; or send the completed package to the PSA Journal Editor as an email attachment.

Submitting digital images for potential use in the PSA Journal:

File Formats: When submitting images for offset printing, uncompressed TIFF files are preferred. High-quality JPEGs (Level 10-12) can be used as well.

Resolution: The offset-printing standard is 300 dpi. All files submitted for publication in the PSA Journal must be 300 dpi.

Size of Photo: Actual size of the photo should be approximately 5 x 7 inches. This size allows a little "wiggle" room when resizing to fit the layout. If an image is being considered for the cover you will be asked to submit a larger file.

Color Space: Submit digital images in the RGB mode.

File Names: Do not use punctuation or symbols. Use files names that help identify the image.

Sharpening: Do not over-sharpen your image at any stage.