Recognition of Service

Earning PSA Membership Stars

Director, Membership
Star Program

John Andrew Hughes
JohnAndrewHughes.jpg The Membership Star Program recognizes those members who bring in new members to the Photographic Society of America.  The Program began in 1991 and was enhanced in November of 2013 to offer not only Membership Stars, but free PSA Membership to certain referring members.
Membership Stars are awarded automatically when a member completes the required number of referrals. Continuous membership is required to receive stars. A presentation box is given to those receiving a Third Star. A plaque is giving to those receiving a Fifth Star, Ruby Star, and Diamond Star.

First Star
Second Star
Third Star
Fourth Star
Fifth Star
10 new members
25 new members total
45 new members total
70 new members total
100 new members total
200 new members total
400 new members total

Free Membership
is awarded to referring members according to the following:

  • One free, one-year PSA membership after referring the first ten (10) new members who join within that calendar year
  • One free, one-year membership when five (5) or more new members are referred to and join PSA during any subsequent calendar year
  • Free memberships cannot be transferred and must be used by the original recipient

Individual PSA Members:
Free membership for individual members consists of a Digital membership, which includes only the mobile edition of the PSA Journal. Members who have reached their first membership star prior to November 1, 2013 are not eligible for the initial free membership. if a member has already earned the first or subsequent membership star, he/she will earn a free one-year digital membership if five (5) or more new members are referred and join PSA during any calendar year. If an individual member wishes to receive the printed PSA Journal, the member may request to pay the difference in price of membership fee. Contact PSA Headquarters to arrange this.

Free organization membership for clubs and councils includes only the print edition of the PSA Journal. Clubs and councils do not earn membership stars, but are eligible for free membership. If an organization has already referred ten (10) new members, the organization will earn a free one-year membership if and when 5 or more new members are referred in a single calendar year.

Past Recipients

Those members referring more than five PSA members during the previous year are listed in the May
publication of PSA Who's Who in Membership and on the past recipients webpage.