Study Group Two

Lisa Auerbach

Title:  Pinkies
Goal:   Capture birds in their natural state.
Source:  High Island Rookery
Technique: Each spring through early summer High Island Rookery near Galveston, TX welcomes birds on their migration routes or those which lay and hatch eggs. These spoonbills were taken there. I used a Canon 70D on a tripod. Settings were manual mode; f/14; 1/160/ ISO 500. My lens is a Sigma 50-500 @ 500mm. I used partial metering.
Processing:  post processing in Adobe Bridge, then adding a curves layer in Photoshop CS6 and changing the default to a medium curve.

Study Group Comments and Scores (N, T, P, E, Total)

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Review by Butch S., 9-8-2014
I really like the Roseate spoonbills. I like your background, which is unusual. I have a son in Houston and will be looking to visit this rookery. Nice shot.
N=3, T=2, P=3, E=0, Total=8
Review by Les L, 9-5-2014
Nice image. Close crop and Spoon Bills are sharp. Would improve image if both birds were facing camera.
N=2, T=3, P=2, E=0, Total=7

I bought my first DSLR Canon Rebel (with a kit lens 18-55mm) about 6 years ago with a self-imposed rule that I would not upgrade until I had learned something about photography.  I participated in many workshops, but it wasn't until I joined the Houston Camera Club that I started to really think about what I am shooting. 

I recently bought a Canon 60D and a Tamron 18-270 lens.  I enjoy nature photography yet try to learn as much as I can about the other competitive categories. 

I use PhotoShop CS6 to edit photos and consider myself an intermediate photographer.