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Lindsey Laux

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Title:  Mine

Goal:  To capture the brazen black bird standing up to the much bigger buzzard for his share of the carp carcass.

Canon EOS Rebel T1i 75-33mm Zoom

 f/5.6; ISO400; 1/2656 shutter speed; 75-300mm zoom lens

Processing:  Original image captured in RAW - cropped and slight level and color correction in photoshop.

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Review by Maria K-L, 9-4-2014
I like how the birds standing up. Their body language is quite clear but without your explanation I would not know what is happening here. I would prefer to see the carp carcass more clearly.
Technically the image is good. Well managed background, good sharpness and exposure. Maybe you can lighten a bit black bird eye .
For the better balance I would prefer more space on the top or less rock on the bottom.
N=2, T=3, P=3, E=0, Total=8
Review by Dan C., 9-6-2014
This is one case where the image size required for the study group helped hide the nature story. When sized to fit my 27" screen the fish head is obvious. That aspect would also apply if projected in a competition. Just remember to resharpen the image if you resize it for projection in a competition. The sharpening that is adequate for the study group image will not be adequate for the resized competitive image.

Another thing you can do with the image you have to make the story more apparent is slightly open up the shadow on the carp's head. This will make the eye show up better and give the viewer a better clue to what the prey is. One useful tool here is the popular Viveza plugin using the shadow adjustment slider with a control point on the carp.

I am not bothered by the space above the vulture head but agree some of the out of focus rocks in the foreground can be cropped to better focus the viewer on the story.

One problem you cannot legitimately do anything about is the merger of the crow with the second vulture behind it. That aspect might have been less of a problem if we had seen the full head instead of just the tip of the beak. Hopefully you have other shots in the sequence where this second vulture is more obvious. Yes, the merger would still be there but it would now strengthen the confrontation aspect of your story, turning a flaw into an asset.

N=2, T=2, P=2, E=0, Total=6

My name is Lindsey Laux. I live in Las Vegas, NV; but I am originally from Buffalo, NY. I am a graduate of Canisius College and I work in the graphic design industry. I have a one-year-old son; and my husband and I own a Saltwater Aquarium Store here in Las Vegas. I have always had a love for photography and am currently an enthusiastic hobbyist. I studied photography as a minor at Canisius College, as well as completed some course work through the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. At this point in time I do not have much professional work under my belt. I hope to continue to hone my skills and gain more aptitude of the craft to begin pursuing more professional photography opportunities.