Study Group Two

Les Lincke


Title:  River Otter with Dinner
Goal: Capture animal action
Source:  Nikon Coolpix P520
Technique:   Handheld at 1/125 sec., f5.1 at ISO 400
Processing:  Photoshop Elements

Study Group Comments and Scores (N, T, P, E, Total)

Critique Image (only members of Study Group Two may critique this image)

Review by Belinda K., 8-6-2014
What a fierce look for such a fun-loving creature. It must be guarding its prize. The fish is as big as the otter. I would love to know the story of how you came upon this scene. The image is nicely composed and the reflections add an extra element of interest. It would be helpful to know edits you made to the image because there seems to be a blue cast to the otter. It may be due to reflections. Nice animal action.
N=3, T=2, P=3, E=0, Total=8

Review by Tom B., 8-7-2014
Nice capture of the otter in action. There is a catch light in the eyes and the image is sharp. I think the image appears a little soft in the color area and needs to be brightened up. Overall a nice image.
N=3, T=2, P=2, E=0, Total=7
Review by Butch S., 8-11-2014
From a nature point of view, the behavior seen is that otters will eat dead, decomposing fish. I didn’t know they did that.

Technically the image looks OK to me. Nice and sharp. The blue cast of the wet fur is something I have seen many times on nutria, beavers, etc. Don’t know why it does that. Maybe just a reflection from a blue sky? Maybe a color balance adjustment might be in order. Pictorial quality is subjective and includes the viewer’s response to the subject being featured. While this image captures an otter in its natural environment doing what otters do, eating a dead and decomposing fish, it is not an image I would select to hang on the wall. I would want to see the otter in some other more pleasant activity. I thought about cropping, but I don't know how to crop the fish out without taking a significant piece of the otter with it.
N=3, T=3, P=1, E=0, Total=7

Review by Bogdan B., 8-21-2014
interesting natural image. Background seems to be a little bit disturbing, but is quite natural. Just the blue tones of the otter seem strange on the brown animal.
N-3, T=3, T=2, E=0, Total=8

Review by Rick C., 8-20-2014
I find this to be a very solid nature capture with a strong nature story. The position of the subject and its dinner are excellent. The habitat adds to the story while not distracting the viewer from it. Given the flat nature of the lighting, I feel that all of the technical aspects of the image look to be well handled. The only relatively minor nit I find is that there appears to be a very slight tilt to the left. Based on a line run down from the side of the otter’s face it needs less than two degrees of clockwise rotation to be dead on (for the reflection of the neck and face to line up with the neck and face). I think you may have some room to open the shadows and midtones up just a touch while keeping things looking entirely natural under this lighting, but that small fix is not a must have. Checking the image in CS6 I see no appreciable color cast. There is a very slight bit of clipping in the tail of the fish, but nothing that is a significant issue in my opinion. Well done.

N-3, T-3, P-3 = 9

I live in Ft. Myers, FL. and Blowing Rock, NC. I am a retired business executive who travels extensively and enjoys photography as one of my many hobbies. I also participate in the PSA Travel Study Group. I look forward to being involved in this nature group.