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Lai Hon Foo

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Title:  Dead Trees

Goal:  All trees are dead because they were burned by humans for oil palm cultivation purpose.

Source:  This image taken with Compact Camera Samsung ES55 at Sematan, Borneo.

Technique:  Handheld with Auto Mode, 1/750sec., f8.4, ISO80, Focal Length 6mm

Processing:  Normal processing with Photoshop CS.

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Review by Dan C., 12-21-2014
Pictorially the image is good. It could be strengthened by cropping some from the top and left to eliminate the major bare stump entering from the top.

The nature story is weak without the story behind the reason the trees were burned. Getting closer to one of the tree trunks may have shown the burnt bark more clearly which in turn would make the story that the trees had been burned more obvious. The cropping mentioned above accomplished that to some extent,

It would be interesting and helpful to know what your "normal processing" consisted of.
N-2, T-2, P-2, E-0, Total=6

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Title:  The End of Mangrove Apple

Goal:  Green Life to protect the planet for future generation. Mangrove Apple is mangrove tree with breath root which appears vertical from ground. This plant can catch and arrest sediment, stabilise the land and act as embankment to protect the land from sea wave and wind. In year 2011, the Mangrove Apple still grown with green leafs. But, now ( year 2014 ) the Mangrove Apple already dies effect from the global warming.

Source: This image taken with Nikon D90 at Bako National Park, Borneo.

Technique:  Handheld with 1/200sec., f11, ISO200

Processing:  Normal processing with Photoshop CS

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Review by Maria K-L, 9-4-2014
Thank you Lai for sharing story of Mangrove Apple. In my opinion this is very pleasing image.
I like the subtle color palette and composition. The mountain in the background and open space in the sky makes this image.
N=3, T=3, P=3, E=0, Total=9

Review by Dan C., 9-6-2014
A pleasing presentation. Your nature story is there but a lot of viewers may not realize the presence of that story without your narrative. If used in a competition this is one area where you could be hurt by the judge's lack of knowledge. Some will give you the benefit of the doubt but too many would say I do not understand and score you low.

From a pictorial and technical view point I do not feel you have extracted all the content out of this image that you could legitimately extract. Your sky as shown indicates subtle warm tones. Reducing the overall brightness and slightly boosting saturation (emphasis on slightly) helps bring out these tones and at the same time makes the background mountain range a stronger contributing element. It also brings out the reflections of the mangrove plants in the rippled water.
N=2, T=2, P=3, E=0, Total=7

My name is Lai Hon Foo from Kuching, Sarawak. I started taking photos in 1998 when I bought a film camera, the Samsung AF-333. I like taking photos anywhere I go, especially when traveling. I switched to digital when my sister bought me an Olympus U Digital (compact camera) from Singapore in 2006. I switched to a Samsung ES55 (compact camera) in 2009 and used it until 2010, when I bought a new DSLR Nikon D90 with a used Nikkor Zoom lens, 18-200mm. In the middle of 2012, I purchased a 105mm maco and am now more interested in maco photography.

I hope, I can learn more from study group members and improve my photography. And, I also hope study group members can give me guidance and advice in photography.