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Kathryn Engle

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I got involved with photography about 5 years ago and purchased a Nikon D200. I started with a few online courses on basic photography. Then one of the instructors on an online class offered us a photography workshop and tour for half price and about half of us decided to take him up on it and met in Tampa, FL. That was just the start.

I come from a computer background having had been a developer in Geographic Information Systems in Idaho and Alaska. I am now retired so have more time to learn about photography and photographic processing. I want to be able to take my photography to the next level and thought PSA would be a great way to help me on that path. I am a member of both the Boise Camera Club and the Camera Club of Eagle. The Boise Camera Club is associated with PSA so that is how I originally heard of the organization.

I love many areas of photography: nature, landscape, cultural, and travel.

I love travelling and I love photography and I am now am trying to incorporate these two favorite past times as much as possible.

Now I have a Nikon D700 and am looking into upgrading that as well. My main lenses at this point are my Nikon 24-120mm, 12-28mm, 28-300mm, 80-400mm, thus I have a fairly wide range.