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Barbara Jenkin, GMPSA, ARPS, AFIAP

Barbara Jenkin

Barbara Jenkin has been taking photos for many years. She embraced the digital era early on and enjoys the creative process which it readily allows. She enjoys photographing many subjects but her passion is for buildings both old and new. She likes to travel to capture new images as well as exploring her local area of Cornwall in England.

Barbara is a member of the Camborne Redruth Camera Club as well as the Nevada Camera Club. She joined PSA in 2010 and began entering exhibitions. She earned her PPSA in early 2012, her EPSA in 2013, her MPSA in 2014, and her GMPSA in 2016. She also has achieved an ARPS and AFIAP award. The challenge of creating new images for exhibitions has spured her on to try different areas of photography.

In the Reichstag

Chair and Window



Balloon Escape

Corn Stalks


All images © Barbara Jenkin