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Ginnie Fan

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My name is Ginnie Fan, born in Taipei, Taiwan in the year 1959. I immigrated with my own family to Los Angeles in the year 1996. For the last 18 years, I was at home most of the time, taking care of my three daughters and helped my husband singing the demo songs for record label company in Taiwan and wrote some lyrics for Chinese songs too.

Time passed fast and my kids are grown up and all are very independent now. One of them starts working already and the other two are studying in the universities in New York. So I have lots of time to spend on the things I really enjoy. Since I love traveling, I decided to learn photography in order to take some good photos to remember when I get really old.

To me, taking photos is such a wonderful and fascinating experiences that sometimes you’re able to see some little wonders here and there when you see the world we live in through the camera lens. And the more I learned the more I felt I knew too little about photography, so I was thinking to join a photography group to have someone to give my some guidance.

So I searched online and found about PSA, and I believe this is the one I can count on to, then I submited the member application to join this big family.

Photography learning is an endless path and I’m happy to be with people alike along the road.