Study Group One

Maria Korab-Laskowska

Title:  Pileated Woodpecker flying away
Goal:  To capture the Pileated Woodpecker in Flight
Source:  Canon 7D body, EF300mm f/2.8L IS USM, 1/1000 f/2.8, ISO 800
Technique: The woodpecker was having lunch for a while. I made a lot of pictures when he was eating but I wanted to catch him in flight. When somebody approached with a dog the woodpecker flayed away. I like that I got also the hole in the frame but not sure about the whole composition.

Processing: Raw image slightly sharpen and added some clarity for tonal contrast. The bird was just on the left edge of the frame. I added a bit of space in front of him.

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Review by TomP., 4-1-2014
Comments: You managed to pull off a difficult capture. Your focus, exposure & story are very good. I think the bird is still too close to the left edge, leaving it no room to fly towards, which causes a slight discomfort for the viewer. Sometimes it just can't be helped.
N=3 / T=3 / P=2 / E=0 / Total = 8


My photographic interests started in Maryland, 2002, when I joined the National Institute of Health Camera Club. After moving back to Montreal in 2004, I joined Lakeshore Camera Club.

I am using a Canon 7D camera and the following Canon lenses: 24-100L IS f4, 70-200 L IS f 4, macro 100 L2.8, 17-35L f2.8, 300L IS f2.8, extenders 1.4 and 2.0. My post processing workflow includes Bridge or Lightroom, Photoshop CS5 and NIK and Photomatix software.

I came into photography with a love for nature and a passion for the outdoors. My photographic interests started in 2002, and since then I photographed many subjects, ranging from environment and architecture to animals and sports. In 2009 I graduated from a Commercial Photography Program at Dawson College in Montreal. I organize photo tours and workshops and enjoy sharing my regional knowledge and passion for photography.