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Jon Allanson

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  • Title:  Parson's Chameleon Feeding
  • Goal:  To capture the chameleon with its tongue fully extended
  • Source:  Taken in a special collection of local chameleons at the Peyreras Reserve in Madagascar.
  • Technique:  I set the camera on fast motor drive and as soon as it started shooting the grasshopper on a blade of grass was moved into range for the chameleon, there were about 15 images taken in the burst. The original image was a RAW file taken at 1/750 f5.6 ISO 800 at 58mm with the Pentax k5 with 17-70mm lens.
  • Processing:  Two conversions were made in Lightroom one as shot with negative clarity and the other at Exposure +2.6 and positive clarity. The background was blurred by using ‘reversed’ High Pass and a number of highlights and black areas reduced with Dodge and Burn. The lighter conversion was masked down to the chameleon and sharpened with High Pass with a little extra sharpening to the eye. An overall curves adjustment was applied and a levels check layer to ensue a full range of tones. A final cropping was made.

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I am retired after 29 years primary school teaching and eight years working part time for a major photographic retailer. My main interest at present other than photography is travelling and I undertake 3 or 4 trips abroad every year plus visits to parts of the UK.

I became involved in club photography in 1985 when I joined the North Cheshire Photographic Society and have held a number of positions within the society over the years. More recently I become more involved in the Royal Photographic Society where I was the regional secretary for a number of years. I am a member of the executive of the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union – the umbrella organisation for photographic clubs in the region - where I am responsible for the production and circulation of folios of images around the clubs. I lecture on digital and travel photography and judge at clubs around the region.

Since the early 80s I have used Pentax equipment. I first started with digital in 1996 using PhotoDelux. I currently use CS3 and Lightroom 3 outputting to a Canon 9100 or an Epson R2400 printer.

I achieved my LRPS in 1998 with a panel of digital images and the award of CPAGB in 1999 with traditional colour and mono prints. I regularly enter PDIs in both national and international exhibitions in the UK and have had over 180 acceptances including 92 in the BPE exhibitions gaining me the BPE2* award, nearly half of these acceptances were for nature images.