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Jon Allanson

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  • Title: Peacock Displaying
  • Goal: To capture the peacock displaying to show both his head and the orange flanks which are so important in the display.
  • Source: Pentax K5 IIs with 150-500mm lens at 340mm, f8, 1/90, ISO 400
  • Technique: In Yala National Park, Sri Lanka to photograph from the jeep, a series of images of the display to capture aside view of the display.
  • Processing:  Lightroom, CS6 - cropped and selective contrast control and sharpenning.

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Review by TomP., 4-1-2014

Comments: You have good focus on the bird from the line of its body back through the left side of its display, though the closer side of the display is blurry. The image appears over-exposed because of the brightness of the ground, which overwhelms the colors of the subject. Actually an amazing capture, including the tail feathers like that.
N=3 / T=2 / P=1 / E=0 / Total = 6

Review by DavidI, 4-17-2014
The subject stands out nicely from the background. Though select focus the eye is lead to the fine detail of the feathers.Good colour in bird but background appears too light and is distracting.
N=3, T=2, P=2, E=0, Total=7



I am retired after 29 years primary school teaching and eight years working part time for a major photographic retailer. My main interest at present other than photography is travelling and I undertake 3 or 4 trips abroad every year plus visits to parts of the UK.

I became involved in club photography in 1985 when I joined the North Cheshire Photographic Society and have held a number of positions within the society over the years. More recently I become more involved in the Royal Photographic Society where I was the regional secretary for a number of years. I am a member of the executive of the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union – the umbrella organisation for photographic clubs in the region - where I am responsible for the production and circulation of folios of images around the clubs. I lecture on digital and travel photography and judge at clubs around the region.

Since the early 80s I have used Pentax equipment. I first started with digital in 1996 using PhotoDelux. I currently use CS3 and Lightroom 3 outputting to a Canon 9100 or an Epson R2400 printer.

I achieved my LRPS in 1998 with a panel of digital images and the award of CPAGB in 1999 with traditional colour and mono prints. I regularly enter PDIs in both national and international exhibitions in the UK and have had over 180 acceptances including 92 in the BPE exhibitions gaining me the BPE2* award, nearly half of these acceptances were for nature images.