Nature (ND)

Nature Division Interclub Competition

Nature Division
Interclub Competition

Mike McNeill, EPSA


The Nature Interclub Competition is open to all PSA-member clubs. This competition consists of three competitions/rounds during each competition year occurring in October, January and April. Each participating club may submit up to six images from at least four different club members in each competition/round for a maximum of eighteen images per competition year.


Eligibility & Rules

Club Registration Deadline: October 8
Competition Deadlines: October 15, January 15, and April 15

2013-2014 Entry Rules

Upload Club Images

Click here to upload the club's images for the Nature Interclub Competition. This page includes the entire season of competitions. Only upload images for the current Round. Do not upload images for future Rounds.

Club Registration

To register for a PSA Division Interclub Competition, please contact the Interclub Competition Director listed at the top of this page.

The club registration deadline is October 8. To register, send an email to the Director with the club name, the club's PSA Membership number, and the snail-mail address of the person who will be handling/coordinating the Nature Interclub entries. New clubs will automatically be placed in skill Group B.

Basic Guidelines for Operating PSA Division Competitions - Contains information for Directors of PSA Individual and Interclub Competitions.


2013-2014 Competitions Results | Current Standings | Round 1 Gallery | Round 2 Gallery
2012-2013 Competition Results | Current Standings | Round 1 Gallery  | Round 2 Gallery | Round 3 Gallery
2011-2012 Competition Results

2012-2013 Images of the Year

Group A: Bee Eater with Bee
Mike Goodman
Boston West Photographic Society (USA)
Group B: Cedar Waxwing Feeding on Hawthorne Fruit
Michael Horsley
Reno Photo Club (USA)

2011-2012 Images of the Year

Group A: Eagle with Catch
James Stachecki 
Camera Naturalist Camera Club (USA)
Group B: Great Crested Grebes Mating
Robert Devenish
Hoylake Photographic Society (UK)

2010-2011 Images of the Year

Group A: Eastern Bluebird Approaching Nest
Susan Candelario 
Camera Naturalist Camera Club (USA)
Group B: Fight
Marcin Nawrocki 
Fotoferia Club (Poland)

2009-2010 Images of the Year

Group A: The Charge
Phil Echo 
Camera Naturalist Camera Club (USA)
Group B: Lake Huron Sunrise
Bill Niessen 
London Camera Club (Canada)

Interclub Comparison Chart

The Interclub Comparison Chart is a quick reference to all eight of the PSA Interclub Competitions and is designed to help clubs select the Interclub Competition(s) that the club wishes to enter. The chart contains a link to the webpage for each PSA Interclub Competition and a link to each Interclub Director's email.

A Consultant is available to help PSA-member clubs enter the Interclub Competitions. This service can be found in the Club Services area of My PSA which is available through login.