Pictorial Print (PPD)

PPD Officers & Directors

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Officers Directors


Louis Duncan, PPSA

PPD Conference Program/PPD Desk Director

Susan Cowles, PPSA - info

PPD Honors & Awards

Louis Duncan, PPSA - info

1st Vice Chair

Susan Cowles, PPSA

PPD Interclub Competition

Louis Duncan, PPSA - info

PPD Exhibition Standards

William Lewis

2nd Vice Chair

Sue Marrugi

PPD Historian

Anthony Winston, FPSA - info

PPD Pictorial Print of the Year

Louis Duncan, PPSA - info


Larry Cowles, FPSA, GMPSA


PPD Information Center

Ron Genaw, APSA, PPSA - info

PPD International Club Print Competition

Louis Duncan, PPSA


Richard Kolson, APSA, PPSA


PPD Print of the Month

Joseph R. Hearst, APSA, PPSA - info

PPD Journal News

Larry Cowles, FPSA, GMPSA - info

Immediate Past Chair

Stan Bormann, PPSA


PPD Judging Service

Bill Dart - info

PPD Membership

Sue Marrugi - info


PPD Newsletter Editor

Sue Marrugi - info

PPD PSA International Exhibition

Doug Finch, APSA


PPD PSA International Exhibition

Jacalyn Finch, APSA - info

PPD Star/Galaxy Ratings Color Prints

Stu Bacon - info


PPD Star/Galaxy Raatings Mono Prints

Thomas Hady, APSA, EPSA - info

PPD Study Groups - American Portfolios

Jim Ewins - info


PPD Study Groups - Canadian Portfolios

Maria Korab-Laskowska - info


PPD Study Groups - Portrait Portfolios

Carol McCreary, APSA, PPSA - info


PPD Print Workshops Director

Jim Ewins - info


PPD Who's Who Director - Class A Prints

Peggy Boike, EPSA - info


PPD Who's Who Director - Class B Prints

Diane Racey, FPSA, GMPSA - info


PPD Club Medals

Richard E. Kolson, APSA, PPSA - info


PPD Photographic Collections
Committee Representative

Heinz Otto, FPSA - info


PPD Personal Print Analysis

Ron Genaw, APSA, PPSA - info