Image Evaluation

PSA members have a personalized image evaluation service that is useful to the photographer who wants to hone his or her skills. This service is especially helpful if the maker would like to know just what constitutes an acceptable image in one of the PSA Divisions, or for previewing images before entering them in a club competition or PSA-recognized exhibition.

The evaluator provides an email commentary regarding what was good and what could be improved. Topics covered include: exposure, depth of field, lighting, interest, composition, ways to increase impact, ideas for different techniques, how to better communicate a photographic message, and presentation.

This one-on-one service is designed to help members create better photographic images. Those who have used this service say that it has helped them thinkĀ about their photography in a whole new light and to notice potential problems before taking a shot in the future.

The format for image evaluation via email is below:
  • Image size: maximum 1024 pixels on longest side
  • Resolution: 72 dpi
  • Format: JPEG
  • Email Subject Line: PSA Image Evaluation
  • Individual image titles: XXXXXXXXX.jpg

Members can access this service through My PSA. There are four areas from which to choose: Pictorial, Nature, Photojournalism, and Photo Travel. (Note - links to evaluators require member login.)