PTD Star Ratings Program

Photo Travel Division 
Star Ratings

Mohammad Ali Salim, MPSA
North America, Central America & South America

Mahmood Mohammed
Asia, Australia, Middle
East, & New Zealand

Anu Nadimpalli
Africa, Europe, Israel

For workload and improved communications reasons, the Photo Travel Division has split the Star Ratings Director's responsibilities into three different geographical areas:

  1. North and South America, and US Territories and Possessions - Mohammad Ali Salim, MPSA, New York
  2. Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand - Mahmood Mohammed, Bahrain
  3. Europe, Africa, Israel - Anu Nadimpalli, Barcelona

Galaxy Awards

PSA members who have a 5 Star rating in the Photo Travel Division are eligible to apply for a Galaxy Award.

Diamond Awards  

PSA members who have earned a Galaxy 10 Rating in the Photo Travel Division are eligible to apply for the Diamond Award.


The fee for processing each Star Rating, Galaxy Award or Diamond Award is $8.00. Payment via payPal is preferred. Credit cards, checks drawn on US banks or cash are also acceptable. Click on the links above and check the instructions for details.