Photo Travel (PTD)

PTD Interclub Competition

Interclub Competition

Greg Duncan, PPSA 

Club Registration Deadline: November 15
Competition Deadlines: December 10, February 25, May 15 

PSA Photo Travel Division (PTD) Interclub Competition is open to all PSA-member clubs.  Individual club members submitting images for the PTD Interclub Competition are not required to be PSA members

Eligibility & Rules

The  PTD Interclub Competition consists of three competitions or Rounds.  The closing dates for the contests are the middle of November, February, and May.  Each club can enter six (6) different images from six (6) different members in each competition/round for a total of 18 different images for the season. 
A Photographer may enter the Photo Travel Division Interclub Competition from only one club. If images are received from more than one club for the same person, both images will be disqualified and the scores removed from the total score for both clubs.
Interclub Competition Rules  

Club Registration

To register, email the following information to the Director: complete Club Name, Club PDT Interclub Representative/Coordinator's Name, Rep's address, Rep's phone number, Rep's email address.
The Club Interclub Representative/Coordinator is the club member who is responsible for sending in the clubs' entry, receiving the results back, and then communicating those results to the club membership. 



Interclub Comparison Chart

The Interclub Comparison Chart is a quick reference to all eight of the PSA Interclub Competitions and is designed to help clubs select the Interclub Competition(s) that the club wishes to enter. The chart contains a link to the webpage for each PSA Interclub Competition and a link to each Interclub Director's email.

A Consultant is available to help PSA-member clubs enter the Interclub Competitions. This service can be found in the Club Services area of My PSA which is available through login.