PSA Conference

Speakers' Notes

The 2014 PSA Annual Conference Speakers' Notes from the Albuquerque, New Mexico, conference will be available to conference attendees shortly. If you attended the conference, you will need a password to access the notes.

The 2013 PSA Annual Conference Speakers' Notes from the Portland, Maine, conference are available to conference attendees. To download the pdf, Click Here and then put in the password supplied to you. If you attended the conference and need the password, please contact the PSA Webmaster for the password.

The 2012 and 2011 PSA Annual Conference Speakers' Notes may be downloaded in pdf form by clicking the appropriate link below. While these notes are helpful to conference participants, they also give a great indication of the breadth of information available at a PSA Conference. If you haven't already attended one, consider attending the next PSA conference to get the full benefit of our speakers' knowledge and experience.

NOTE: Permission to reproduce any portion of these notes must be given by the speaker.