PTD Photo Travel Essay Competition (Digital Only)

Formerly called the Travelette Competition

PTD Photo Travel
Essay Competition

Judy Burr, PPSA


Entry Deadline: June 1

There are three divisions in the Photo Travel Essay Competition and you may enter one show in each category. However, a specific essay may be submitted to only one PSA Division each year. The same essay may be entered in another Division in a different year.

Award Winning Videos

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The categories are:

  • Color anywhere in North America
  • Color anywhere in the rest of the World
  • Monochrome - there may be NO color anywhere in this category, including titles & credits


  • Grand Prize - best of all essays submitted
  • Silver Medals and Honorable Mentions will be determined by the number of entries in the Categories
  • The Best of Show winner will be posted on the PSA website if the music is Royalty Free or

    if the maker has a license to use the music.

Eligibility & Rules

  • All entrants must be Individual members of PSA and be in good standing.
  • The maker’s name may not appear in the essay, but should be on the disc submitted.
  • All images must be made in a camera by the entrant or scanned from the maker’s own transparency or negative.
  • No show may be longer than 5 minutes and may include video clips, music and/or narration.
  • The use of copies of photographs or artwork which are part of an exhibit that explains the site being featured is permitted if they are a small portion of the show and help tell the story.
  • Submission may be on a CD or DVD. Travel Essays can be burned as a DVD video disc or can be saved as a video file and burned as a CD data disc.
  • Acceptable video formats are avi, wmv, mov or mpg4
  • No .exe or .ppt files may be submitted
  • Photographs must meet the photo travel definition as a whole, but individual pictures such as close-ups of people or objects can be included, but should not dominate the essay.

Entry Forms

  • Download and complete one Entry Form (available as a PDF or Word doc) for each Photo Travel Essay submitted. A completed Entry Form is required for each CD/DVD; it is best to send all your entries together.  Mailing instructions can be found at the bottom of the Entry Form.