3D Division Photo of the Year

3D Photo of the Year
Competition Director

Andrea L. Shetley, FPSA


Submission Deadline: September - must be invited by director to enter

All images by a PSA member that have received an Honorable Mention or higher award in a PSA-recognized 3D Exhibition for the previous calendar year are eligible. For example, in 2011 the award-winning images from the 2010 Exhibitions were judged.


No entry fee. All eligible entrants will receive an invitation, either by email or postal mail, from the 3D Photo of the Year Director. This invitation will list the titles and format of the photos the member has that are eligible and instructions regarding how to enter. 


A PSA Gold Medal is presented for the Best 3D Photo along with PSA Silver Medals to the runners-up and Honorable Mentions in each category (digital, prints, and slides). Beginning in 2011 digital, print, and slide images are accepted. The winning images are shown at the PSA Annual Conference and are displayed on the PSA 3D Division web site. The awards are presented to the winners, if present, at the program presentation or at the 3D Division Breakfast at the PSA Annual Conference. Awards are mailed to those who cannot attend the Conference.