Recognition of Service

Earning PSA Membership Stars

The Membership Star Program began January 1, 1991, to recognize those members who bring in new members to the Photographic Society of America.  A  referring (sponsoring) member is sent a "thank you" recognition email by the Director within two weeks of the referral.  The referring member's name is listed on the New Member List following the new member's name.

Actual medal star awards are presented at a local meeting for Membership Stars one through four.  A presentation box is provided with the Third Membership Star.  This box will hold Membership Stars one through four.  A plaque with the Membership Star is presented during the PSA Annual Conference to those who earn the Fifth Membership Star, the Ruby Star Award, or the Diamond Star Award. 

Director, Membership
Star Program



John Andrew Hughes                     

Beginning with the referral's listed in the January 1991, PSA Journal, data was gathered by Icy Sowards, APSA. In 2008 a database was developed by Stuart Lynn and it is continually updated by the Director of the Membership Star Program. Membership Stars are awarded automatically when a member completes the required number of referrals. Continuous membership is required to receive stars.
First Star
Second Star
Third Star (presentation box)
Fourth Star
Fifth Star (plaque)
Ruby Star (plaque)
Diamond Star (plaque)
10 new members
25 new members total
45 new members total
70 new members total
100 new members total
200 new members total
400 new members total

Those who have earned five Membership Stars and the Ruby Membership Star or more are listed on this webpage.

Those members referring more than five PSA members during the previous year are listed in the May
publication of PSA Who's Who in Membership and at the bottom of this webpage.

Members who have earned Five Membership Stars 
2012 Mary K. Hall, APSA
2012 Li Wang
2011 David Daduan Deng  
2011 Gia Trung
2011 Wang Ying
2010 Jean Timmermeister, FPSA
2009 Joanne Stolte, APSA, EPSA
2008 Tony Le Kim Thuan, APSA
2007 Joseph K.S. Tan, APSA, PPSA
2002 Bob Gorrill, APSA
2001 Icy Sowards, APSA
2001 Peter Phoon Kwong, APSA *
1995 Jozef Aerts, FPSA, EPSA
Members who have earned the Ruby Membership Star Award 
2014  David Daduan Deng
2014  Li Wang
2010  Joanne Stolte, APSA, EPSA
2009  Jozef Aerts, FPSA, EPSA


Membership Star Program Year End Certificate Award
(given to club referring the most new members to PSA)


Li Wang, China 59 David Daduan Deng, China 32
Henry Ng, APSA, EPSA, MD 19 Pui Chung Steven Lee, Singapore 15
Jian Shen, China 15 Joseph K.S. Tan, APSA, PPSA, Singapore 15
Lisa Schnelzer, CO 13 Agatha Anne Bunanta, PPSA, Indonesia 9
Ayman Lotfy, Egypt 9 Pat Gordy, TN 8
Mary K. Hall, APSA, MA 8 Jerry Hug, APSA, IL 8
Leena-Maija Lindqvist, Finland 8 Jozef Aerts, FPSA, GMPSA, Belgium 7
Alfred “Fergie” Ferguson, VA 7 John Gerlach, ID 7
Dennis Gershick, NV 7 Thomas Lang, APSA, MPSA, TX 7
Pam Sherren, United Kingdom 7 Wang Ying, China 7
Wei Yu, China 7 Xiaoxi Liao, China 6
M. Stuart Lynn, CA 6 Jianyi Sun, China 6
Dexiong Zheng, China 6 John Andrew Hughes, LV 5
Ducte Le, CA 5 Elena McTighe, APSA, EPSA, NJ 5
Kelly Walkotten, MI 5 Zongqu Wu, China 5

2011 - Delaware Photographic Society

Who's Who Membership 2011 - Members who sponsored five or more new members:
Li Wang 41 Lynn Troy Maniscalco, FPSA, EPSA  12  Jianyi Sun 6
Judith Frieders 38 Alfred "Fergie" Ferguson 11  Xudong Sun 6
Jian Shen 30 Hao-Jan Lin  11  James Weidenfeller 6
David Daduan Deng 28 Linda Chick Stan Bormann 5
Jozef Aerts, FPSA, MPSA 20 Laurie Friedman Lie Chen 5
Nan Carder, PPSA 20 Helen Henry Fred Drury  5
Lisa Schnelzer 17 Bill Stephens, PPSA 8 John Gerlach 5
Denis Whelehan 17 Jim Atkins Simon "Sam" Krizan 5
Agatha Anne Bunanta, PPSA 16 James T. Smith 7 Thanh Lam 5
Dennis Gershick 16 Joanne Stolte, APSA, MPSA 7 M. Stuart Lynn 5
Mary (Kinlin) Hall, APSA 15 Robert Chamberlain 6 Sammy Somekh, APSA, PPSA 5
Wang Ying 14 Louis Duncan 6 Jan-Thomas Stake, GMPSA 5
Pui Chung Steven Lee  13 John Andrew Hughes 6 Richard Whitely, APSA, EPSA   5
Jerry Fornarotto, PPSA 13 Carolyn McDonald 6
Joseph K. S. Tan, APSA, PPSA  13 Elena McTighe, APSA, EPSA 6
Mikhail Bondar, PPSA  12

Who's Who Membership 2010 - Members who sponsored five or more new members:
Li Wang 57 Victor Pizzolato 11  Charles Burke, APSA, PPSA  6
Joanne Stolte, APSA, EPSA 34 Richard Whitley, APSA, PPSA 11  Lee Cates, FPSA 6
Jozef Aerts, FPSA EPSA 31 Wang Ying 11  Joan Field, APSA 6
David Daduan Deng 30 M. Stuart Lynn 10  Donald Frisque, APSA, PPSA 6
Lisa Schnelzer 29 Ondrej Bruncko Ayman Lotfy  6
Mary Hall 24 Michael Rosenbaum, PPSA Nicolas Berlingieri  5
Susan Bailey 22 Dana Vannoy, APSA, PPSA  8 Kathleen Braun, APSA  5
Pat Gordy 18 Dennis Gershick Christopher Brocious 5
Trung Thuy Hoang 18 Elena McTighe, APSA, PPSA 7 Nan Carder 5
Denis Whelehan 18 Ravinder Kumar Paul 7 Deke Cloyd 5
Jean Timmermeister, FPSA 16 Masoud Soheili 7 Tremaine AO Cornish 5
Dinh Tran 16 Margaret Sprott 7 Bailey Donnally, FPSA, PPSA  5
Joseph K.S. Tan, APSA, PPSA 15 Wei Yu 7 Rafal Kowalkowski  5
John Gerlach 13 Nellie Bretherick 6 Tony Potter, PPSA  5
Jerry Fornarotto, PPSA 11 Agatha Bunanta, PPSA 6 Jianyi Sun 5

Who's Who Membership 2009 - Members who sponsored five or more new members:
Joanne Stolte, APSA, EPSA 93 Joseph K.S. Tan, APSA, PPSA 9 Kathleen Braun, APSA 5
David Daduan Deng 46 John Baltz 8 Nellie Bretherick 5
Susan Bailey 20 Wesley Kirkpatrick 8 Christopher Brocious 5
Jozef Aerts, FPSA, EPSA 18 Barbara Miller, FPSA, PPSA 8 Arabella Dane 5
Mike Brouphy 18 Ravinder K. Paul 8 John Davis Jr., APSA, PPSA 5
Thomas Lang, APSA, EPSA 16 Jerry Fornarotto 7 Phung Dong 5
Deke Cloyd 12 Trung Thuy Hoang 7 Olaf Du Randt 5
Mary Hall, APSA 12 Syed Javaid Abbas Kazi, FPSA 7 Lu Genwei 5
Jean Timmermeister, FPSA 12 Ayman Lotfy 7 Dennis Hirning, PPSA 5
Victor Pizzolato 11 Tony Le Kim Thuan, APSA 7 Carole Kropscot, APSA 5
Lisa Schnelzer 10 Kathy Wall 7 Donald Lyon, APSA 5
Denis Whelehan 10 Susan Cowles, PPSA 6 Larry McDonald 5
Wang Ying 10 Gary Farber 6 Henry Ng, PPSA 5
Janet Bigalke 9 Louisa Chui King Lau 6 Florence Robin 5
Pat Gordy 9 Richard Whitley, APSA, PPSA 6