Photo Travel Division (PTD) Service Awards

Photo Travel Division 
Service Awards

Shirley Bormann, EPSA



The PSA Photo Travel DivisionService Awards Committee seeks out and recognizes division members who have substantially aided and supported the Photo Travel Division throughout the year. A Chair's Award, a Service Award, and Certificates of Recognition are awarded.

Photo Travel Division Awards, 2012 Annual Conference, San Francisco

PTD Chairman's Appreciation Awards (Certificate)
  • Roger McCarthy - for Outstanding work with the Interclub Contests
  • Judy Burr - for her work with the Travelette Competition
  • Shirley Bormann - for her work creating a Division Master List
  • Diane McKinley - for her work creating and publishing the PTD Newsletter
  • George Bebout - for his Chairmanship of the PTD Definition Committee
Certificates of Merit
  • Margaret Stafford - for her work with Who's Who
  • Nancy H. Brown - for her work with the Toops Program
  • Marie Schreiber - for her work with Star Ratings
  • Maria Korab-Laskowska - for her work as Program Director
  • Larry McDonald - for his work as Treasurer of PTD
  • Tom Tauber - for his work organizing and managing PTD Study Groups
  • Lynn Troy Maniscalco - for her many contributions to the well-being of the PTD
Certificates of Appreciation:
  • Dinesh Pagaria - for his work with the Interclub Competition
  • Brian Magor - for his work as Exhibition Coordinator

Previous Recipients of the PTD Service Awards