PPD Print Workshops

Print Workshops

Jim Ewins



Similar to a Print Portfolio (Study Group), a Print Workshop is a small group of photographers who enjoy sharing their print making ability with photographers having similar interests.


The Print Workshops activity challenges the printmaker to produce the best print possible within a group of five (5) to ten (10) members from the same set of three (3) negatives or a set of three (3) digital files on a CD. The membership of these groups has a good mix of experience and knowledge. Members work together with the aim of improving their photography and printing.

The Print Workshops has three (3) Groups.
  • Group 1 is an all-digital Monochrome Print Group
  • Group 2 is an all-digital Color Print Group
  • Group 3 is a darkroom-only, medium format Monochrome Group
Each Workshop Group is led by a Group Manager.  The Manager for Group 1 is Richard Kolson, APSA, PPSA: The Manager for Groups 2 and 3 is Richard Herrick:

Each Round of a Workshop Group takes approximately 2 to 3 months. Following each Round, the prints are judged by the Group Master, and the results are announced. The Master also gives written critique regarding the work submitted. The next Round of the Workshop is then scheduled by the Manager, and the entire previous Round judged prints with comments are included with the new assignment for all the Group members to view.

General Print Workshop Procedure

The Print Workshop portfolio/kit is sent by mail in round-robin fashion, and when the routing is completed, the prints are judged by the Group Master.  The Master for the Round, who is the person that has taken and supplied the original negatives, judges and provides critique on the prints.  Written comments regarding the prints are given noting both the good points of the prints and how they could be improved.  This activity allows the participants to see how their printing skills compare with the other members of the group and provides constructive comments to improve the quality of the participant's work.  At the group's option, members may also comment on each other's prints. 

CDs containing image files of the scanned negatives or digitally captured images are circulated with each circuit. The members may use either the actual negative, the scanned file, or scan the negatives when making their prints.

Print Workshops Awards

The points awarded by the Group Master determine the PPD medal and Award Certificates that are given for the winning prints in each Round. First Place winners are eligible for entry into the Print Workshops Annual Competition. Award winning prints from this competition receive certificates and are exhibited at the year's PSA Annual Conference.


There is no fee for this activity.

To enroll in a Print Workshop, contact Richard Kolson, APSA, PPSA:  In the email, provide your name, location, and PSA membership number. After signing up for one of the Print Workshops, members are placed on the list to receive the portfolio/kit at the next round.