PTD Star Ratings Program

Photo Travel Division 
Star Ratings

Robert J. Leonard,



PSA members who have received acceptances in PSA-recognized Photo Travel Exhibitions are eligible to apply for PTD Star Ratings. 

Judging credits: A judge will only be allowed credits for two PTD sections no matter how many PTD sections of an exhibition they actually judged.

Galaxy Awards

PSA members who have a 5 Star rating in the Photo Travel Division are eligible to apply for a Galaxy Award.

Diamond Awards  

PSA members who have earned a Galaxy 10 Rating in the Photo Travel Division are eligible to apply for the Diamond Award.


Beginning November 1, 2011, the fee for processing each Star Rating, Galaxy Award, or Diamond Award is $8.00. This policy is not retroactive; that is, fees already submitted with Star Ratings, Galaxy Award, or Diamond Award applications will not be changed. Cash or checks drawn on US banks are acceptable. Credit cards and PayPal can also be used. Contact the Director if using PayPal.

There is no fee for processing a conversion.