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Interclub Competition

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Club Registration Deadline: November 1*
Competition Deadlines: November 7,
February 7, and May 7

Any PSA-member club with good standing may enter 3D images in the PSA 3D Interclub Competition. In areas of the world with few or scattered stereo photographers, but no active 3D club, informal groups may organize as a club (a virtual club), join PSA, and participate in this competition as a club. Such groups need to have at least four (4) stereo photographers/workers. Club members do not have to hold membership in PSA. This competition is designed to promote 3D photography in general and encourage membership in PSA.

Eligibility & Rules

A series of three (3) competitions comprise the annual 3D Interclub Competition season. The annual Competition is normally held over a twelve-month period between July 1st and June 30th. The Competitions/Rounds are held in November, February, and May. A maximum of two (2) stereo images per individual photographer are eligible, per competition. An image, which has won an Award or Honorable Mention in a past 3D Interclub Competition will be considered ineligible and no points or awards will be given. Individuals affiliated with more than one club, may only compete with one club per season.

Rules for entry.

Specifications for Creating Files for International Digital Exhibition.


Individual: The five top scoring images from each of the three competitions, will be selected for First through Third and up to Fifth place Awards, based on the points scored, then a judges tie-breaker (when necessary). Fourth and Fifth place Awards may be issued if the competition has at least eight (8) and ten (10) clubs respectively or, if the Director deems it suitable based on scores. The next highest scoring images, up to ten (10), but not fewer than the number of clubs entering, will receive Honorable Mention. Examples: If eight (8) clubs enter, between four (4) and eight (8) HMs will be awarded. If 12 clubs enter, six (6) to ten (10) HMs will be awarded.

Club: After the last of the three competitions, a certificate will be awarded to the club scoring the most points, the First Place Certificate. Additionally, the Club which utilizes, to the greatest extent, its membership, in compiling its entries, will receive a Best Participation Certificate, without regard to points scored.

Image of the Year: After the regular judging in May, the Host Club will also judge the Image of the Year Competition. The individual with the Best Image of the Year will receive a PSA Gold Medal. The other top Award Winning Images (up to five (5), but not HMs) from each of the three competitions are eligible. With that in mind, it is important not to reveal the names of any photographers who won Awards to your judges in the May competition, until after the Image of the Year competition is completed.

Club Registration

Send an email to the Director providing the club name, club PSA membership number, and the Club 3D Interclub Coordinator's name and email address.

* Clubs may join this Interclub Competition any time during the competition year and will be allowed to make up the Round(s) the club has missed.

Basic Guidelines for Operating PSA Division Competitions - Contains information for Directors of PSA Individual and Interclub Competitions.

Entry Form

Entry form (This is an Excel file. In some browsers it will appear in your Downloads folder after you click the link.)
Entry form (This is a .doc file. In some browsers it will appear in your Downloads folder after you click the link.)
Entry form (This is a pdf file)

1. View at a normal viewing distance and wear your glasses if you normally wear them.
2. The stereo pair should be approximately in the center of your visual field.
3. Looking "through" the screen, look to the distance.
4. A third image will appear between the left and right pictures. 
5. Without converging the eyes, slowly focus on the central third image.
6. A 3D picture will emerge.

Interclub Comparison Chart

The Interclub Comparison Chart is a quick reference to all eight of the PSA Interclub Competitions and is designed to help clubs select the Interclub Competition(s) that the club wishes to enter. The chart contains a link to the webpage for each PSA Interclub Competition and a link to each Interclub Director's email.

A Consultant is available to help PSA-member clubs enter the Interclub Competitions. This service can be found in the Club Services area of My PSA which is available through login.