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PPD - 2013-11-20 12:00:05

All winners:
1st - Three Westies, by George Landis, PPSA
2nd - Scenic Flight, by George Landis, PPSA
3rd - Dark on the Olde Street, by George Landis, PPSA
HM - Flemished Down, by Walt Niekamp
HM - The Artist, by George Landis, PPSA
HM - Nature's Textures, by Kim Brock, PPSA
HM - Sacristy Door, Old Christ Church, by Walt Niekamp

1st - Belen in Paisley Scarf, by Susan Cowles, PPSA
2nd - Boats of Portofina, by Stan Bormann, APSA, PPSA
3rd - Cogburn J. Rooster, by Jim Weidenfeller
HM - Butterfly and Flower, by Jesse Powell
HM - Santa Monica Promenade, by Sylvia Ewins
HM - Waterlily Trio, by Richard Kolson, APSA, PPSA
HM - The Harpist, by Jim Weidenfeller