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Jouko Taukojärvi, PPSA

I started my hobby in the secondary school. We had 600 pupils in the school and a very active camera club. We took a major part of all the class pictures with my Reflecta-2. I was dreaming of Leica. Now I have my Leica and dreaming to learn to use it.

I participated in the year 1958 in the first domestic photo contest. During my business career, my photos mostly supported my travel reports. I was in charge of Europe's largest fine paper operation and I lived through, very closely, the digital revolution from paper printing and the photography point of view.

My international photography activity started after joining the Helsinki Camera Cub. There I found many very experienced photographers. Our international exhibition team is one of the most active in all of Europe. There I got my AFIAP in 2011 and EFIAP the following year. In 2013 I received my PPSA and EFIAP/b.

Today my main activity is to further develop my skills in Photoshop and print quality.

Osprey and Lucky Hit

Ice Chapel

Great Grey Owl

Even Start

Is That Me?

Teaching Younger Generation

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