PSA-Member Clubs and Councils

Club Services Chair

Nan Carder, EPSA

Council Services Chair

Jeffrey Klug

PSA offers an Organization Membership for clubs, councils of clubs, societies, institutions, and groups having activities and interests consonant with those of PSA. See a list of the benefits of Club/Council membership.

PSA Member Club Lists

All PSA Member clubs may be accessed from the PSA Clubs List, which is divided by Membership Area. North American clubs, because there are so many, are divided by North American membership area and are available on the Clubs of North America page. Lists include the name of the Club/Council with a direct link to its website, if available. Where possible, the Club Representative's name is linked to his or her email.

If you are not logged in as a PSA-member Club, you will be redirected to the home page for login if you select a PSA-representative only topic - noted with a star (*).

PSA Club Representatives
PSA communication with a member Club or Council is through one Club or Council PSA Representative, designated by the Club or Council when it applies for membership. This contact person will be listed in the PSA Membership database and can be changed at any time by an authorized representative of the Club or Council. The PSA Club Representative will receive a Club password and I.D. number to access PSA-Club Member only benefits - noted on this page with a star (*) after the subject.

Club Communication
PSA communicates directly with all member clubs and councils by sending, via email, a quarterly newsletter called The Projector to each PSA Club Representative. PSA has two forums for clubs. The first, Camera Club Sparkle, is a group for club members while the second, the PhotoEditors Group, is for the club webmaster and/or the club newsletter editor. PSA Club Representatives can also obtain assistance creating their own websites, newsletters, and eblasts by accessing the Consultant link, below.

PSA Club Consultants
Knowledgeable PSA members are vailabel to answer any PSA-member organization's questions in the following areas: Club Communications is for those wanting information about creating club websites, newsleters, and e-blasts. Community Service is for those wanting assistance with the PSA Youth Showcase competition or for help the club can increase their community involvement. Interclub Competitions assists with clubs wishing to enter PSA division interclub competitions. Judging Service helps clubs get qualified judges for their digital or print competitions. Newsletter & Website Contests assists clubs with entering PSA's annual Club Newsletter and Website competitions. Club Programs assists clubs with planning membership-appropriate programs during the club year. Technical Assistance helps clubs with digital projectors, projection screens,. print viewing, and computerized judging systems.

Many of the Club Consultant topics are marked with an (*) and require Club Representative login for access.

PSA Club Resources
PSA has many resources at a club's disposal. PSA Club Courses provide free on-site instruction to your club. The Program Lending Library has three types of programs are available: DVD/CD programs from PSA, LensWork programs, and TOPS Programs from 2005-2010. The Council's Calendar lists upcoming events sponsored by PSA-member Councils. Educational Videos provide links to helpful online instruction.

Club Competitions
Each division hosts an Interclub Competition, a comparison of which can be viewed on the Interclub Comparison Chart. Use the Interclub Deadlines chart (accessible from the Comparison Chart) to keep track of deadlines. The annual Council's Challenge, Newsletter, and Web Site Contests are available for PSA-member Clubs and Councils as well as PSA Chapters, which are comprised of regional PSA individual members. They usually begin in the spring (early March), with deadlines in time for the winners to be congratulated at the PSA Conference.

Club Service Awards are presented in recognition of photography service efforts made by PSA-member clubs in communities worldwide. The award recognizes clubs participating in photographic projects of a civic nature. See Service Awards for more information and past recipients of the Club Services Award.

Keep Club Information Accurate

Clubs, Council and Federation representatives are encouraged to ensure that their information is accurate, complete and current at all times. Log into PSA and go to My Account for all updates. Contact PSA Headquarters if you do not have the Club Representative's Log on name or password, at

If an organization's representative resigns his/her position as the PSA-Member Club/Council/Federation Representative, please give login information to the organization's replacement so that the organization maintains access to PSA-Member Club Benefits.