PTD Star Ratings Program

Photo Travel Division 
Star Ratings

Mohammad Ali Salim, MPSA
North America, Central America & South America

Mahmood Mohammed, PPSA
Asia, Australia, Middle
East, & New Zealand

Tony Potter, APSA, GMPSA
Africa, Europe, Israel

For workload and improved communications reasons, the Photo Travel Division has split the Star Ratings Director's responsibilities into three different geographical areas:

  1. North and South America, and US Territories and Possessions 
  2. Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand 
  3. Europe, Africa, Israel 

Apply for Awards

Apply for a Star Rating (doc)

Basic requirements for Star Ratings are:
1 STAR - at least 18 acceptances with at least 6 titles.
2 STARS - at least 36 acceptances with at least 12 titles.
3 STARS - at least 72 acceptances with at least 24 titles.
4 STARS - at least 144 acceptances with at least 48 titles.
5 STARS - at least 288 acceptances with at least 96 titles.

PSA members who have a 5 Star rating in the Photo Travel Division are eligible to apply for a Galaxy Award (doc).

PSA members who have earned a Galaxy 10 Rating in the Photo Travel Division are eligible to apply for a Diamond Award (doc).


The fee for processing each Star Rating, Galaxy Award or Diamond Award is $8.00. Payment via payPal is preferred. Credit cards, checks drawn on US banks or cash are also acceptable. Click on the links above and check the instructions for details.