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One of the major activities of PSA is the establishment and implementation of a set of standards for the conduct of an International Exhibition of Photography.  The Evolution of Exhibitions has been described in an article that was written as part of the celebration of PSA's 75th anniversary. This article provides a historical perspective for anyone considering entering an exhibition or hosting an exhibition.

Anyone can enter an International Exhibition of Photography.  A single entry is four images. All the images entered in the exhibition are judged and approximately 25% to 45% of the images entered are "accepted" to be presented in the exhibition and listed in the exhibition's catalog.

A group desiring to host an exhibition can apply to PSA to have that exhibition "recognized" by PSA.  The group will conform to the PSA Exhibition Standards when they hold their exhibition.  Following the judging, the group will send a report to PSA listing the images that were "accepted" for their public exhibition.  This report will include the titles of all the accepted images, the photographer's name and country for each accepted image, the judges' names, and the images that received any medals.

As a leader in the development of Exhibition Standards that serve as the guidelines for the conduct of photography exhibitions around the world, PSA has been able to develop a method for recognizing the photographic achievement of those entrants whose images are accepted for inclusion in PSA-recognized International Exhibitions of Photography.  Entrants keep track of their acceptances and apply for PSA Star Ratings.  The number of acceptances for each of these Star Ratings is combined and the entrant applies for Recognition of Photographic Achievement (ROPA) distinctions: Proficiency (PPSA), Excellence (EPSA), Master (MPSA), Grand Master (GMPSA), Grand Master Bronze (GMPSA/b), Grand Master Silver (GMPSA/s), Grand Master Gold (GMPSA/g), Grand Master Platinum (GMPSA/p).

Additionally, each year PSA publishes Who's Who in Photography, which is a compilation of the accepted images from PSA-recognized International Exhibitions of Photography.

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The Exhibition Standards Committee meets each year during the Conference

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PSA-recognized exhibition judging