PSA News: Competition Results 2009-2010 Year

Division abbreviations: CPID (Color Projected Image Division), EID (Electronic Imagery Division), ND (Nature Division), PJD (Photojournalism Division), PPD (Pictorial Print Division), PTD (Photo Travel Division), 3DD (3D Division)

Information on each competition is listed in the left side pane of this page. Note that there is no longer a CPID and EID Division.

Division Name of Competition Round Results Gallery/Slide Show
CPID Interclub   Results 
Interclub Creative Results
EID Interclub Results
Individual Creative Results
Image of the Year General Gallery
Image of the Year Creative Gallery
ND Image of the Year Open Gallery
Image of the Year Wildlife Gallery
PTD Interclub Results
Image of the Year Gallery
PPD Green Eagle Color Gallery
Green Eagle Mono Gallery
Interclub Results
Print Workshop Results
3D Sequence Results
Traveling Results

PPD American Portfolios - Green Eagle Competition