Thinking about Joining PSA?

We'd love to have you become a member! Here are some of the benefits of membership:

See a more detailed list of individual and club benefits. Check out PSA FAQs for more information on some of the PSA programs.

Membership Categories

There are two types of PSA Members:

    • Standard Memberships (includes printed copy of PSA Journal and complimentary access to online and mobile PSA Journal)
    • Digital memberships (includes online and mobile access to PSA Journal and does not include printed PSA Journal).
  • PHOTO CLUB/ORGANIZATION MEMBERS (includes Councils and Federations)
    • includes printed copy of PSA Journal only and does not include online and mobile PSA Journal

Membership Rates

PSA Membership Rates vary according to membership category and country of origin. Reduced rates are available for multiple year and youth memberships.

Join PSA

PSA membership begins the month the member joins and continues through that year. For example, someone joining in April has a one year membership through March of the following year.

This link will take you through the steps of joining PSA. If you do not want to join online, consider downloading a printable pdf of the membership application and mailing it in.