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Who's Who in Photography

During the formation of PSA, a Who's Who in Photography listing was created - the only such list in the world. Each exhibitor had to enter a minimum of ten exhibitions each year to be included in the Who's Who list for that year. A favorable review of this program created the impetus to develop the Pictorial Division's Award of Merit, which evolved into the PSA Star Ratings program. The first actual publication of the Who's Who in Photography list was in the January 1942 issue of the PSA Journal.

The annual PSA Who's Who in Photography publication is usually mailed to all PSA members with the May PSA Journal. This year it will be mailed with the October PSA Journal. Corrections to the annual Who's Who in Photography are scheduled to appear in the February 2013 issue of the PSA Journal. Both can be downloaded as pdfs from this page.

The 2013 Who's Who was updated in August of 2014 and appears here.

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Top Exhibitors in All Divisions and a complete list by division can be accessed from the links on the top of this page. These will be added to as the pages are created.

The asterisk symbol (*) next to names on the lists denotes that the exhibitor has provided judging services in that Division. The number of credits given depends on the number of judges on the panel. Three judges=three acc; four or five judges=2 acc; six to ten judges=one acc. And more than ten=no credit. A judge must have acceptances in that Division section of other exhibitions to receive credit. “Jdg" = Number of judgings entered according to catalog records. "Acc" = Total number of acceptances.

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