Projected Image (PID)

PID Photo Essay Contest

Photo Essay Contest Director

Tony Le Kim Thuan, APSA


Digital shows of images taken by PSA members are eligible for the PID Photo Essay Contest. An essay must have a theme or storyline. It is not merely a showcase of images without a story to tell. Narration, text, royalty free music, still images, video clips, and digital special effects are allowed. Essays are judged by their storyline as well as their presentation. There is a color and a monochrome section.

Deadline: June 1 


  • Gold Medal for 1st Place
  • Up to three (3) Honorable Mention (HM) Ribbons
  • Winning essays presented at the PSA Annual Conference
  • Gold Medal essay posted on the PID website (with accompanying music only if the music is royalty free). See the Royalty-free Music link in the Member's only area for recommended Royalty-free Music sites.

Eligibility & Rules

  • Entries must be received no later than June 1 
  • Maximum running time of five (5) minutes 
  • No limit on the number of images 
  • No restrictions on subject matter, content, or special effects 
  • Members can enter only ONE (1) PID Photo Story in each section (i.e., Open and Monochrome).
  • Essays must be viewable on a Windows computer: 
    • Shows can be burned as a DVD video playable on any DVD player 
    • Shows can be saved as a video file which is burned as a CD data disc 
    • Acceptable video file formats are avi, wmv, or mov
    • Unacceptable files formats are exe and ppt 
  • The entrant's name may not appear in any way that is obvious to the judging panel
  • To have an entry returned following the judging, entrants must provide correct return postage and return mailing label  
  • A specific essay may be submitted to only one PSA division each year 
  • The same essay may be submitted to another division's essay competition in another year

Contest Gudelines

Entry Forms
Deadline: June 1 

The PID Photo Essay Contest Entry Form is available as an interactive PDF file. Once completed, this Entry Form needs to be printed and included with the CD/DVD when mailed to the Director.

The PID Photo Story Entry Form is also available as a Word doc that can be downloaded, printed, typed, and mailed with the CD/DVD to the Director.

It is best if all entries from one entrant are mailed in one package.