Club Competitions

PSA Club, Council & Chapter Newsletter Contest

PSA Club, Council,
& Chapter Newsletter
Contest Director

Joan Field, APSA    


Entries Accepted: Beginning March 1
Entry Deadline: June 1

Each PSA-member club or council and each PSA chapter with an electronic or printed newsletter of one page or more, published two times a year or more, is invited to participate in the PSA Club, Council, & Chapter Newsletter Contest. There is no fee.

Results from Previous Club Newsletter Competitions


Electronic submission of one regular newsletter issue published after June 1 of the previous year and an electronic submission of the entry form are required to enter the PSA Newsletter Contest. A new PSA-member club or council must enter an issue published after the date of the club's PSA membership. Annual or special issues, yearly program schedules, rosters, directories, Exhibition catalogs, or newsletters published only once a year do not qualify. To aid in judging, entries not in English need to include a digital copy of a summary or translation of the content, except for advertisements. All newsletter entries must be submitted as PDF files. All entries are submitted by completing the Online Entry Form. (contest closed June 1)


There are three entry groups: Small Club (75 or fewer), Large Club (more than 75), and Council or Chapter 


Please read How to Produce a Great Newsletter (pdf) for tips on newsletter production and design.


Two sets of three qualified judges independently review the group's entries. The Council & Chapter's group is judged using a different worksheet than the Clubs. Awards are determined based on these ratings. The size of the newsletter, the use of color, and whether or not advertisements are used, have no bearing on the awards. Content, layout, good use of space and photos, neatness, ease in reading, simplicity, and style are of basic importance. The Judges Worksheets below list the specific criteria used.

  • Judge's Worksheet: Clubs  document (Word Doc)
  • Judge's Worksheet: Councils & Chapters  document (Word Doc)


The First, Second, and Third place Awards receive plaques and the Honorable Mentions receive ribbons. Other Awards for Outstanding Achievement in various categories (e.g., Best Calendar Presentation, Newsletter with Best Motivational Focus, Exceptional Articles) receive certificates. All clubs, councils, Chapters (and other PSA entities that enter) receive copies of the three judges' worksheets and commentaries. The judges' commentaries are a valuable aspect of the contest as they indicate the good points of the newsletter and provide useful suggestions for improvement.

The Arthur P. Henricks, Jr., Memorial Award (the Best of the Best) and the Director's Choice Award are selected. These awards are presented at the Newsletter Contest Program at the PSA Annual Conference. All awards not presented at the Conference are forwarded by mail to the winning organizations with the judges' commentaries. All entered and judged newsletters are displayed on a monitor in the Print Room during the Annual Conference. Announcement of all awards is made before the conference.