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PPD - 2013-09-12 08:28:27

Cyril Mazansky, EPSA, of Newton Center MA, wins with his first place Star Color West Thumb Basin. He is a brand new member of POM and this was one of his first two entries. Maybe not a surprise, given his Distinction.

Louis Duncan, PPSA, our November judge explains it like this: "My first reaction to Cyril Mazansky’s West Thumb Basin print was "superior impact." The fluidity of the hot pool and steam plus the soft clouds and snow seem to be accentuated by soft side lighting that adds contrast and highlights the fine detail throughout the image. Although West Thumb is a well known destination, this is a scene that you don’t see every day. Superior technical qualities include edge-to-edge sharpness plus detail in the lightest and darkest areas of the print. Simply elegant. Send it to a print exhibition."